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Ice Tea

RAIN RAIN RAIN , but I guess we had a real Spring. I have my a.c. on only to get rid of the humidity. My mother was 99 going on a 100. My brother and I just made it in time before she took her last breath. All these years 99, she was always sharp and the staff loved her for that. One by one they came in her room crying and kissed her good bye. She lived a long, full life and her funeral really was a celebration by all those who loved her.
Yes, I am beginning to like my little subterranean apartment. I leave my back door open and can watch all my fat turtle doves , sparrows, rabbits and squirrels eating at their food bar. I have them spoiled. I give them peanuts in the shell, raisins and lots of bird seed. They are at my eye level and alot of them come right up to my face demanding to be fed.

4:48 p.m. - 2020-05-29


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