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All Souls

Tis Autumn and chilly days and black nights

Friday I am going down to see my 98 year old mother in Pilot Grove, Missouri for 3 days. She is healthy for her age and sharp as a tack and humorous and the staff confide in her. She has had a long full life and the last 30 years have been happy ones. I will stay at Bobby Kraus's 5 star lodge.
I'm still the sacristan at St Joan of Arc's church just 2 blocks away. I get up at 5AM to unlock the church, turn on the lights and set up everything for Mass. I still love our pastor, Father Craig and his twin brother, Chris, who is our maintenance man. ===================================
Must add that my good friend, Ginger Joe,drove me down there and it is the first time I ate at a Cracker Barrel , thanks to Joe.

4:16 p.m. - 2018-10-01


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