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Tis Summer

I think we all afraid to complain about the heat, because our winter months were so damned cold. According to my VA doctor am in good health for a 75 year old. I will be 75 this September. Our new landlords are going crazy with maintenance men running around all over the place. Men watering their new trees and plants, new roof, remodeling empty apartments, welders spot welding the steps on our old iron fire escape. But I like the activity, plus in the summer I get to hear the Dobbs Tire folks, since they keep their bay doors open all summer.
Still the sacristan at St Joan of Arc. I go up at 6:30 every morning to unlock the church, turn on the a.c. , set up the chalice and cruets, check the readings at the lectern, check the tabernacle for the proper amount of hosts we may need that day, take donated groceries to the St Vincent de Paul area in the rectory basement. Go back home and return to 8 A.M. Mass. and maybe take my first nap

5:31 p.m. - 2018-06-22


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