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Wild and crazy weather. Thunderstorms last night, that knocked out the electrical power until 7AM this morning. It was over a 100 degrees yesterday and today,cool enough to leave all the doors and windows open.

But this means that summer is almost over. I have to prepare for my mother's 80th birthday. Things at work are in flux as the say. There will be a lot of shifting of how the work is done, I do not think it will effect me, except in very minor ways. My health is good and there is a lot to be said for that, since my accident over a year ago.

Our national politics are up and running with the end of both of the conventions of the two major parties. I am obviously an Al Gore loyalist and do not even see Bush as a real choice. Gore is accused of being boring and a robot, but the press had tons of stuff to say about Clinton being too wild and crazy. So what do they want? I know the answer to that! Just to sell newspapers, not to report facts. Anyway...the good news is summer is ending...drop me a note and stay in touch...life is returning and creativity and peace..out with the heat of summer and in with the smell of burning leaves and rain.

19:49:49 - 2000-08-18


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