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This is a three day week end, Monday being Memorial Day, to remember all the men and women ,who died in battle, to preserve liberty here in the United States of America. Our weather this week end has been chilly and rainy and very Spring like really. I guess every country needs days to remember it's real values and to remember that hard work means nothing if a society is not free.

These long week ends are a luxury for me, to not have to do anything. Some folks have to be running here and there to prove they are enjoying themselves. And at the end of the holiday, they realize they had no time to relax and re-create something inside of themselves. Webtv continues it's Upgrade with all kinds of problems resulting from it, this will take all summer to straighten out all the problems it has created and to see that the services they have offered actually work, the way they were intended.

I work Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and then I take off Thursday to go see my buddy on DeathRow here in Missouri. We have been in correspondence for almost 7 years and I have been on his visitors list during the last 2 years. I still feel very uneasy walking into that fortress,not because of Jim, but the very horror of what happens there to people like him. Some would say he is getting what he deserves, but others would say...if what he did was evil, then does the State have right to act the same way to other human beings? So we are going to kill him, to teach others that killing is wrong. Does that make sense to you? Let me hear from you and I hope you are doing well yourself. Much Love, BOB

22:58:26 - 2000-05-28


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