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9:37 a.m. - 2021-09-15



Well, I hate to keep bragging, but our weather remains nice. We are officially into summer, but the nights are almost chilly enough to close doors and windows and sleep under a cover.Lots of rain....and so all the plants and yards are lush and green, like a jungle.

My job remains about the same, we are busy but not crazy. We have a supervisor who tries to protect us from too much politics and bullshit.We try to focus on our actual jobs instead of all the "corporate babble" as I call it.Just people talking in riddles, who really have no idea what the workers really have to accomplish. My co-worker, that I depend on so much is on vacation this week, so it is all sort of boring, without him to contend with. Be glad when he gets back next week.

So now we really are into the lazy days of summer and I am realistic enough to realize that July and August will be hot, but I hope not too hot. We have been having mild winters, and I hope we will also have mild summers as well. Seems that lately I have grown a lot closer to some of my internet friends and we have grown into another level of sharing alot about our real lives. It still seems unreal to have friends all over the globe that you can talk to in a matter of minutes.(seconds sometimes) Hey, don't you owe me a letter?

23:31:30 - 2000-06-21


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